the expression of will
to practice care and service
in Hebrew

1. Direction rather than speed

ABODHA has been growing in the right direction since establishment of Company on November 1, 1988 and conversion of Company to a corporation in October 2000. By preparing manuals for spirits of service acquired through hands-on experiences, we launched and globalized 'OFFICE1009', 'INK1009' and ‘OFFICE BOX' brands, and we have made efforts to produce young global CEOs by providing opportunities of global growth to employees through 'Global Business Establishment Research Institute'.

2. Meaning rather than achievement

There are many companies achieving success fast. But we think that a meaningful success is more important. ABODHA will be a company more greatly meaningful to customers rather than our achievements.

3. Affect rather than pleasure

ABODHA has been practicing small affections from the beginning of establishment. We get together with neglected children through visiting a juvenile corrective center instead of the culture of year-end party and we have done our best to give small affections to home, society and nation through practice of small loves and our works.

4. Sharing rather than possession

We would like to be a company boasting of success of small sharing rather than boasting of possession by success at all rates. We will practice sharing to young adults through business establishment, environmental sharing through environmental corporation and cost saving/sharing to meet difficult economy.

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