ABODHA will make a
dream of 2030!
30 contry! 30,000 store!
Come true in 2030

How are you?
My name is Jun Sup Han, CEO of ABODHA Co., Ltd.

ABODHA is a historical word in Hebrew meaning serving and service.
Since its establishment in 1998, ABODHA has undergone many changes
and histories during the 15 years until the birth of ABODHA.

Among rapidly changing whirlpool of domestic and international economy, all our executives and staffs have tried our utmost with sense of duty to visit customers before they ask us to visit, exerting ourselves for the best rather than for the top. Through the efforts, we have achieved extraordinary performance, expanding to many foreign countries with global brands such as OFFICE1009, INK1009, and OFFICE BOX. In addition, we established global business establishment research center in order to systematize systems and manuals, complying with global environment.

ABODHA has a big dream.

We plan to set up 30 thousands stores in the world with 30 global brands by 2030. We have a dream and vision, 333 project, to employ 300 thousands people by providing many people in different foreign countries with opportunities of establishing businesses through this. The world is wide and there are many things to do. The position and status of Korea in 21st century is getting higher as a digital power. If we are armed with spirit of digital nomad on top of that, we are sure that we can make our dream come true.

Are you dreaming of advancing globally in 21st century?
Do you want to get a global job in 21st century?
Are you searching for a valuable job to be engaged in for entire life?

Please come to ABODAH.

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