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Printer Rental Business

1) Price comparison Table

Genuine Printer Ink1009 Printer
Model Name HP8100 4 color feeder
The number of lifetime yield of page 5,000 pages 250,000 pages
Replacement cost USD 150 USD 60
Printing cost per page USD 0.03 USD 0.0024

2) The case of rental printer in A company (for example: when printing 1,000 pages per day)

Genuine Printer Ink1009 Printer
1day USD 30 USD 2.4
1month(21day) USD 630 USD 50.4
year USD 7,560 USD 604.8
Expenses Saving Effects USD 0 USD 6,955.2

Ink refill + Toner refill Business

- Business possible to start and run with only a vehicle without having a store
- Visit customers with a refill device and provide on-site service quickly
- App POS system letting you free to move

ink & toner refill business

3D Printing Business

3D printing business

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