A case of business with no shop / Ink1009 Japan

Integrity is the most important factor!

“The best service strategy” young / middle-aged and prime-aged / womenentrepreneurs with limited capital
- Those who want to establish a start-up business with professional items
- Those who want to establish a business without a store
- Those who are active and full of service spirit

I wanted to establish a business but was hesitant due to the insufficient money. I was worried about which business I could get involved while reviewing a restaurant business and many other businesses. I finally decided to start ink1009 business that wasconsidered as a promising business. I was so confident about Ink1009 as it has provided good services, has operation know-how’s accumulated for 18 years and has made inroads into many foreign markets. We are generating revenue through stable technology transfer, service know-how and marketing know-how.

The case of double businesses
(Combo Store) / Ink1009 Korea

Two businesses done in a store “ink1009 business in a stationary store”

Possible to maintain two businesses in the current store Convenience, stationary, video and lottery store, mobile phone dealer, etc. Sales of other businesses have been improved thanks to the customers for ink1009!

I have run a stationary store for almost 3 years and worried about the sales decrease resulted from the recent slow economy that was continuing to erode deeper. I recently started to think about a sideline and finally decided to start a new refill ink business after finding a vision in the ink refill business from the article reporting the ink refill market was growing rapidly. While I am conducting dual businesses, I also found that many customers who visited my store to refill ink tend to buy other stationary products as well, which increases the total store sales gradually more than before through more refill business and increase in toner sales and rental businessthanks to the sincere training and education conducted by the corporate headquarters and which also makes me be more confidence about the business.

The case about store business / Ink1009 Turkey

I competed against others by differentiating the store.

“A small store sized 2~3 pyeong or larger Offices, Apartments, residences, institutes centers, shopping centers, etc. Margin is satisfactory!

I started door-to-door ink refillbusiness at first and then run the business at a store as the customers base was increasing. I got a lot of encouraging feedback from the customers who are visiting my store saying that they could leave their printer in trust. It is so nice to make money by doing a business in the store and visiting customers’ sites. I would like to strongly recommend this business to all of you. Just give it a try!

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