Global Startup Lab
through communication
and cooperation

The recent business environment is now more than ever faced with distinct challenges. The European financial crisis, household debt problems, long term stagnation in the real estate market, and other such issues have created a difficult economic situation both domestically and abroad. Most importantly, global business foundation can no longer be avoided as the domestic business foundation market has become saturated. Thus, we are now faced with the fateful task of overcoming this obstacle in order to survive in the business world. In order to accomplish this, our Global Startup Lab (GSL) is now focused on the issues of global entrance and success. It is our intention to overcome the challenges of our reality and create a global business full of dreams and promise, and create the Global Startup Lab (GSL) through communication and cooperation.

1. Understanding of the need for global business foundation.

2. Sharing of global business foundation information.

3. Research on global business foundation enterprises.

4. Development of global business foundation policies.

5. Proposals for government policy for successful global business foundation.

6. Establishment of joint ventures for the success of global business foundation projects.

We sincerely hope that you will join us in increasing national status and national stability through the creation of many medium and small-sized enterprises beyond Korea’s borders.

Global Startup Lab CEO Han Jun Sup

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