Using items for global foundation, this is business area which includes model business management, headquarter foundation, and branch expansion. By setting the initial item we catch the global business foundation concept and through sample shop planning and all sorts of strategic testing we provide headquarter business operators with consulting. Before deciding about your global business foundation it is necessary to have an understanding of whether the global business market will accept your business model and your business ideas.

We examine the following points
at our the Global Startup Lab (GSL).

1. A verifiable business concept

In order to demonstrate the market potential and profitability for global business foundation items, it is necessary to run a test business; the funding for the business must be prepared, and the potential profits must sufficiently exceed the royalties or cost of a franchise entering a chain store association and all other associated costs.

2. A distinctive business concept

In order to survive in a highly competitive market, it must be a global item which can spark the interest and attention of future business founders. It is necessary to have distinctive products, design, concept, supply system, and marketing and advertising strategy.

3. A business concept that can be learned in a short period of time

Most future business founders avoid business foundation in areas of which they are unfamiliar or lack experience. Thus, the business concept must be easily understood and the business operations must adaptable in a relatively short period of time. However epochal a business model may be, if it takes too long for others to understand it, it cannot become a long-lasting business model.

4. Brand rights and obligations

Global business foundation is related to the importance of a brand’s value. The brand of business items is an important factor which is connected with all business. A brand that can be realized, a brand that brings an item to life is the basis and start of any global business foundation.

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