The Global Startup Lab (GSL) develops businesses by respecting the opinions of its clients. The following are the 4 stages which are followed: planning, management system construction, global business foundation recruitment, and global business foundation establishment.

1. Planning.

1)Feasibility of the business.

2)Establishment of business plan.

3)BI/CI operation.


5) Interior planning

6) Homepage design.

2. Creation of management system.

1) Renting out an organizational office and construction of office environment.

2) Compiling of headquarter documents.

3) Compiling of branch manual.

4) Menu/new technology development.

5) Construction of partner business system.

6) Construction of distribution system.

3. Recruitment of global business foundation.

1) Provide online consumer consulting through internet home page.

2) Participate in business foundation exhibitions and events.

3) Hold and participate in business briefing sessions.

4) Solicit counseling through business foundation-related sites.

5) Spread brand awareness by promoting utilization of
    MASCOM / daily papers / professional magazines / and business foundation magazines.

6) Media advertising within budget.

7) Make an agreement with the network consulting company regarding provision
    of business information.

8) Investment consulting on root sale store owners.

9) Connection activity and consulting on surrounding connections.

10) Consultation on soliciting indirect publicity through the existing affiliate opinion leaders
      and equipment delivery party.

11) Hiring of incentive-based employees and consultation through industry experts.

12) Utilization of public consultation organizations and small business centers.

13) Through the above activities, provide consultation on the main selection
      and preliminary interview stage configuration franchise agreement.

4. Global business foundation establishment.

1) Commercial analysis/store development for future store owners of
    candidate brands after analysis of the feasibility and location.

2) Contracting after analysis of profitability, stability, and sustainability etc.
    for each store business plan establishment.

3) Store establishment licensing procedures related to business registration.

4) Shopkeeper training branch shopkeeper and worker management training.

5) Interior construction/appliances interior construction and appliances administration.

6) Production of promotional flyers, menus, pop and other promotional materials.

7) Advertising/promotion effective advertising
    regarding surrounding commercial rights and promotional planning.

8) Clerk recruitment/training training for on-site operations and supply and demand.

9) Opening Event opening day events for business opening and customer care service

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